Prof. Human Physiology University of Rome “Sapienza”

Prof. Fabio Babiloni was graduated in electronic engineering and holds a PhD in Computational Engineering from the Helsinki University of Technology. He is currently Professor of Physiology at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy. He teaches “Physiology” at the University Medical School, “Industrial Neuroscience” to the Engineering Faculty, “Neuromarketing and Neuroeconomy” at the Psychology Faculty and “Biomedical Engineering” to the Biotechology Faculty of the same Sapienza University. Professor Babiloni is author of 220 papers on bioengineering and neurophysiological topics on international peer-reviewed scientific journals, and more than 250 contributions to conferences and books chapters on the subject of the analysis of cerebral signals.  He wrote 4 books on EEG signal processing. He is an Associate Editor of four scientific Journals, “IEEE Trans. On Neural System and Rehabilitation Engineering”, “IEEE Trans. On Biomedical Engineering”, “IEEE Reviews on Biomedical Engineering” and “International Journal of Bioelectromagnetism”. With this CV prof. Babiloni has been inserted in the list of the Top Italian Scientist, collecting the best 2500 italian scientists in every field of knowledge.
Alberto Mattiacci
President of Società Italiana Marketing and Prof. in Business and Economics Management

He combines his accademic activity of research and dialogue with his students with his role of speaker. His scientific interests are oriented to business and economics subjects with a particular focus on the management of interantional relations and trade on international level. Since the beggining of his collaboration with Eurispes, his interests has extended to the society evolution, with a focus on those elements that influences family consuption and economic development.
Michela Balconi
Professor in Neuropsychology & Cognitive Neuroscience at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Michela Balconi, PhD, is a professor of "Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience", "Neuropsychology of Communication" and "Neuroscience and Wellness in the Lifespan" for the Faculty of Psychology of the University Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan and Brescia. She is head of the Research Unit in Social and Affective Neuroscience. She also coordinates the research activities of the Laboratory of Cognitive Psychology and a large group of collaborators. She founded the international magazine "Neuropsychological Trends", of which she is Director. She's Director and Coordinator of the Master's Degree in Neuropsychology in Milan and Brescia. Regularly organizes training events, courses, workshops and lectures on hot topics in clinical and experimental neuroscience. She is a member of the Faculty and the Academic Coordination of the PhD School of Psychology at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. She deals with the organization and management of the course on Methodology of Quantitative Research. Michela Balconi is also a member of important associations and societies of national and international neuroscience, including the International Neuropsychological Society (INS), the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO), Federation of the European Societies of Neuropsychology (FESN), the Italian society of Neuropsychology (SINP), the society of Psychologists Neuropsychological Area Network (SPAN), the Italian society of Psychology of Aging (SIPI), the Italian society of Neuroscience Neuroethics and Philosophy (SINe). He is also Member of the Board of the Italian Society of Psychophysiology (SIPF) and Italian Association of Psychology (AIP).
Gian Piero Lugli
Prof. Marketing Distribution at University of Parma

Gianpiero Lugli is Professor of Marketing Distribution at the Faculty of Economics, University of Parma, as well as Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Parma. He teaches "Economics of distribution and industrial-distribution relationships, strategic behavior and business marketing" and "neuromarketing". He wrote numerous essays and books on the topic of marketing with leading publishing houses such as Il Mulino, UTET, and recently wrote the book Neuroshopping (Apogeo, 2011), Troppa scelta, (APOGEO 2012) Emotion Tracking, (APOGEO 2014), Cibo, salute e business (EGEA 2015)..
Arianna Trettel
BrainSigns – Cofounder, President

Long experience as Head of market research in Direction Staff managing test and ROI assessments of social campaigns and fund-raising strategies (advertising, below the line, press info, CRM, loyalty and involvement of subscribers and volunteers). Since year 2010 she cares the development of Neuromarketing at BrainSigns, a spinoff company of Sapienza University for the application of neuroscience in the industry. She is co-founder and President at BrainSigns, italian local chair of NMSBA, Neuromarketing Science and Business Association, and co-author of scientific publications in the field.
Strategic Planner

30 years of experience in communication. She has worked as International Account Director for JWT, Y&R and Leo Burnett managing clients such as Unilever, Alitalia and Fiat. Lately she is working as a Strategic Planning Consultant. She is collaborating with Ottosunove since its foundation.
Luca Florentino
CEO Ottosunove

A long experience in trade marketing and communication. He collaborates actively with several associations such as POPAI, NMSBA and Industrial Union of Turin. Speaker for neuromarketing and communication conventions, he has founded OTTOSUNOVE, a brand development, retail design and in store marketing agency with a strong neuromarketing approach.
Lluis Martinez Ribes
Consultant Partner m+f=!

He serves managers to co-shape brands and purchasing experiences that may please the brain, by using latest generation marketing. This includes neuroscience, digitisation, and semiotics. Fascinated by marketing innovation and retail innovation, a specialisation pursued in 26 countries, he combines his work at ESADE as Associate Professor with a selective activity as business activator (m+f=!). He has been visiting professor at the SDA Bocconi business school (Milan, Italy). He has also taught at the Univ of Edinburgh (UK), Univ of Vienna (Austria), Academy of National Economy (Moscow, Russia), HEC Business School (France), Goizueta Business School (Emory Univ., Atlanta, USA), SMU (Singapore Management Univ), École Supérieure de Commerce Lyon (France), Cat. Univ. of Córdoba (Argentina). He has written books, papers and articles, and has given conferences in different countries. Appointed as "retail innovation expert" by the European Commission in January 2013.
Owner and co-founder of Kochstrasse™

Gesa Lischka is CEO, owner and co-founder of Kochstrasse™ – Agentur für Marken GmbH in Hannover, Germany. Established in 1995, the agency serves internationally renowned brands with offices in Germany and Hong Kong. Gesa Lischka is an expert in b2b and b2c brand marketing. Rooted in research from the Universities of Bonn and Hannover, neuroscientific concepts have had an impact on agency projects since early 2010. Gesa firmly believes that when it comes to neuromarketing, detailed knowledge of practices and concepts is essential; however it’s even more important to understand with a straight hands-on approach what works when and where – obviously, being a mother of three (and a CEO of 40 heads) favors a pragmatic results driven approach to life. Over the past two years, Gesa has been presenting and explaining neuromarketing concepts and case studies among international business auditories. She is exploring the implications of neuro sciences and their business impact from a practitioners perspective, applying thorough expertise as well as great enthusiasm.
Elisa Moses
CEO Neuro & Behaviour science Ipsos

Elissa Moses established and leads the global Neuroscience and Behavioural Science Centre at Ipsos. The “Centre” develops nonconscious measurement tools for understanding engagement and emotion of the brand experience for integration into client research. Ipsos offers several Neuro/Behavioral Science measures worldwide including Facial Coding, Implicit Reaction Time, EEG, Biometrics and Eye Tracking. Prior to joining Ipsos, Elissa was Chief Analytics Officer at EmSense pioneering neuro applications to ad testing, package testing and in-store shopper research. Earlier, Elissa was SVP, head of Philips Global Consumer Intelligence/Strategy, Managing Partner at Grey, Founder/Managing Director at BrainWaves and Head of Strategy at DMB&B. She is a professional speaker, author of numerous articles, the book The $100 Billion Allowance, co-author of ESOMAR’s “36 Questions to Help Commission Neuroscience Research” and a reviewer for the Journal of Advertising Research.
Joseph Sassoon
Partner Alphabet and Open Knowledge

For many years he has been Professor in Communication Sociology at the University of Milan. He is partner at ALPHABET, an istitute specilized in communication research using a method that combines the scientific rigor of French Semiotic to the theory and practice richness of american screen writers. Semiotic expert, in latest years has developed an original approach to brand storytelling. He is also associate partner at OpenKnowledge. Author of several papers about the using of storytellling in marketing, communication, web and on social networks.
Francesco Ambrogetti
Fundraising marketing Director UNICEF italia

Francesco Ambrogetti has an experience of more than 20 years in fundraising for oraganisations such as UNICEF, Europe and America Latina, MSF in South Africa and UNAIDS on a global level. He has developed the campaign 'Schools for Africa' with the Mandela Association raising $60 ML per year and he has been fundraising consultant the World Bank, WWF UK, MamaCash e World Animal Protection International (WSPA). In 1998 he has published the first fundraising manual in Italy.
Daniele Tirelli
Prof. Consumer & shopping behaviour, Univ. of Modena and Reggio Emilia, University of Milan & IULM University, President POPAI ITALY

President of POPAI Italy, graduated in Physics and then in Economics and Social Sciences, achieving later his Ph.D. in Economics. After studying in several European universities, he worked as an economist at the econometric forecasting company Prometeia and then as executive at Infoscan IRI and ACNielsen. He holds advanced courses at IULM University - Faculty of Communication, public relations and advertising - and at the State University of Milan. He taught economics and statistics at the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo. He collaborates with several specialized magazines. Among his books: “Il cronodizionario dei consumi”, Compositori, 2002; “Dentro i consumi”, Agra, 2007; “Pensato & Mangiato: il cibo nell'immaginario degli Italiani”, Agra, 2006; “Digital Signage”, FrancoAngeli, 2009; “Retail Experience in Usa. Dove vendere è un'arte”, Franco Angeli 2013.
Patrizia Cherubino
BrainSigns - Neuromarketing Researcher

Patrizia Cherubino is graduated with honour in Economics and Business Administration at the University of Calabria in the 2009. After degree, she attended a master on “Marketing Intelligence and Techniques market for Public Administration” (2010). Since 2010 she is also working in Research&Innovation area, at BrainSigns srl, a spin-off of University of Rome “Sapienza” in the generation and validation of biometric tests using EEG, Heart Rate and ERMs related to the perception of commercial TV advertisings and marketing stimuli in general, for several companies. Cherubino is also co-author of several publications on neuromarketing on peer-reviewed scientific journals.
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